Instrument Hire for Autumn 2021

Instrument Hire £38.00

Last bookings for hiring an instrument on 05/09/2021

We expect lessons to be face to face in Autumn 2021


Instrument Hire

Learn how to play the Bassoon through a range of engaging and inspiring musical activities to develop general musicianship skills and technique.

We expect that lessons will be able to take place face to face in the Autumn term but this will be dependent on Government guidance at the time and individual school decisions and cannot be guaranteed.  By booking these lessons you are accepting that the lessons will be given online where strictly necessary. 

We expect that group and paired lessons will be able to return to normal, with multiple children taught together for weekly lessons. We are not able to offer group or paired lessons online, or in person for certain instruments due to the guidelines. 

Please note that pupils must have an instrument at home to practise on between lessons, and many instruments are available to hire from EMS (please see the Instrument Hire Store for more details).

Recommended Year Group
EMS recommends that children should be in at least school year 5 to start learning this instrument, due to both the physical size of the instrument and levels of dexterity required.

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