LA Early Years Transition materials


Here are the suite of Enfield Learns Together Early Years Transition materials for children coming into Reception, from Reception into Year 1 and beyond.  They are the product of a series of joint LA and headteacher working parties and we would very much like to thank all those involved. 

The suite of materials contains:

  • A good practice guide
  • All About Me! - A moving from Reception into Year 1 pupil pack for children to complete either at home or at school
  • An alternative cover for the All About Me! Pack for use with Year 2
  • An Early Years Transition Challenge Booklet
  • Starting school transition booklet (with guidance)
  • Starting school transition booklet
  • This is me one page profile
  • A suggested settling in plan

An editable version of the All About Me! pack will be sent out next week.

A copy of these materials has also been sent to you and your Early Years Leader. 

We hope you find them useful.

With very best wishes,

Linda Stone

Head of Curriculum & Standards

School & Early Years Improvement Service