Teaching materials to support The Corona Collection

A Conversation An Enfield Learns Together collaboration with the poet Cheryl Moskowitz

As part of our work on transition for children moving from Year 6 to Year 7 and in collaboration with the poet Cheryl Moskowitz,  here is a package of teaching materials to support her new poetry collection, The Corona Collection – A conversation, inspired by children, staff and parent/carers in Enfield about their experiences during the current pandemic. 

These teaching resources belong to a package of materials which provides an opportunity for teachers to talk with children about their experiences and share their own in a supported way.  It enables them to look forward to the coming year as they move on to the next step of their educational journey. It also provides an opportunity for children to share their work as part of Enfield Learns Together.

The package to which these teaching materials belong includes:

A webinar for teachers

To launch this package of materials, Cheryl will be leading a webinar discussing her poetry collection and sharing ways to use the collection with children in Year 6.  The Webinar will take place on Wednesday June 24th at 4pm and I attach a flyer to share with your literacy lead and Year 6 teachers.  To book a place please email seyis@enfield.gov.uk and use the word ‘poetry’ on the header.

A copy of the poetry collection

A hard copy of Cheryl’s new poetry collection, The Corona Collection – A conversation, will be delivered to schools on June 22nd/23rd  for every  Year 6 child to keep.

Teaching materials

Included in this email are

  • A set of teaching slides to accompany the poetry collection and webinar
  • A work book for children to support the teaching slides, which can be used at school and at home – an editable version of the booklet will be sent to schools later in the week
  • Additional resources from the Educational Psychology Service  
  • A flyer for Cheryl’s webinar on Thursday

A copy of this email has also been sent to your school’s literacy lead.

Please encourage your Year 6 teachers and children to take part and encourage your Year 6 teachers and literacy leads to sign up for the webinar.

Linda Stone