REACH is a programme designed for 8-10 Year 9 Learners.


  • To make an impact on changing and modifying behaviours and attitudes towards learning beyond their time at school.
  • To enable the learner to achieve a sense of success and pride within the curriculum offered.
  • To develop the learners’ social, emotional and behavioural skills.
  • To introduce learners to new skills and opportunities that they may not have been involved in previously.


Where is REACH?

REACH is held at the Newbury Site which is a self-contained building on Bury Street, London, N9 7JR, just off the A10.

How it works

  1. Referral from school
  2. Observation of learner
  3. Interview
  4. Off-school site programme
  5. Re-integration back to school with 121 mentoring support

8 weeks is the length of time that the learners will be off site attending REACH full time and then there will be a 3-4-week transition back into school depending on the term length.

During the end of the student’s time at REACH, a review will take place before the learner returns to school and BSS will give recommendations on continued support and if SEN has been identified or any other professionals needed to support this young person.

Day to Day

Monday - Friday, 8.45am -2.30pm. (See Timetable) Students take part in all lessons including Literacy, Numeracy, Handling Emotions, Classroom skills, PE and then some more creative lessons such as Art and Drama projects.

The timetable also includes weekly meetings with both parents/carers and the school link worker. Each student is assigned a mentor who would head these meetings.

We also have visits from inspiring speakers and trips off site.


Who is involved in REACH

Centre Manager / Mentor – Anya Ghambary

Site Manager / Boxing teacher – Andreas Evangelou

Maths teacher / Mentor – Louise Jackson

English, History, Positive Classroom Engagement & PE teacher / Mentor – Paul Bardouille

Art & Catering teacher / Mentor – Enzo Avanzato

Several volunteers who work with us


Outside Agencies / People we work with

Niburu London- Healthy Lifestyle

Friends of Broomfield Park-Community Project

Rudolph Walker Foundation (Nana - Drama)

Ian Grant – Self Defence