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County Lines: The What, How, Where & When and Why This Matters for Schools

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Category Safeguarding Pastoral & Student Wellbeing Culture

Target audienceAll Staff
Safeguarding Leads

Audience capacity300

Online platformZoom


Type1 session x 1:30 hrs
1 session x 1:30 hrs


To develop an understanding of what county lines is, who it affects and explore what this means for an educational setting looking at next steps to support young people.


Session 1 – This interactive session will look at the what, how, where and when of County Lines. It will explore the its place as a form of modern slavery and exploitation.

Session 2 – This interactive session will explain the process of grooming for county lines and explore who is a target for this. Participants will develop their understanding about what schools and educational settings can do to support young people and the next steps they can take.


We can't do everything but we can do something

Leo Powell

Click to watch the 10 Minute Teaser with Leo, recorded 30.4.12