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Developing Positive Behaviour Management Skills


Category Teaching Assistants & Support Staff

Target audienceTeaching Assistant
Learning Mentors

Audience capacity50

Online platformMicrosoft Teams


Type1 session x 1:30 hrs
1 session x 1:30 hrs


To develop skills and strategies to effectively manage the increasingly complex behaviours exhibited by pupils by considering factors that contribute to those behaviours; guiding principles of Positive Behaviour Management; the communication gap; rules, rewards and consequences and anger management techniques.


The team supports school staff to better understand a child’s behaviour and to develop responses which help calm the child’s feelings of stress, regulate their emotions and develop self-management skills.

1 Bookings available

Thursday 13:30

Session 1: 10 March 2022 - >

Session 2: 17 March 2022 - >

Professional Learning Packages:

Schools have the option to buy a professional learning (PL) package for Teaching Assistants & Support Staff. Once purchased, the PL Booker for each school can book two people onto all courses within Teaching Assistants & Support Staff. Additional places will be charged at the cost displayed on the course page.

To purchase the package:

  • Log into the hub
  • Scroll down to the Schools Traded Services Store
  • Click ''Enfield Education'
  • Select the package of professional learning you which to purchase
  • If you are purchasing for more than one school, select the school you are purchasing for

Packages can be purchased for non-Enfield schools, please select the OutOfBorough option.


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