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Inference for TA's


Category Teaching Assistants & Support Staff

Target audienceTeaching Assistant
Support Staff
Literacy Coordinator

Audience capacity30

Online platformMicrosoft Teams


Type1 session x 1:30 hrs
1 session x 1:30 hrs


Inference Training uses collaborative group conversations to help boost reading comprehension. Through reading and interactive discussions, the group:
• Activate and apply prior knowledge to their reading and use title cues to predict
• Identify key words and elaborate on them to enhance meaning, and develop vocabulary
• Generate their own questions and answer them
• Generate inferences and integrate meaning as they read to build a gist
• Summarise a short text extract using visualisation, quick pictures, picto-words and a 10 word or less headline
• Retell an extract to emphasise the gist  


A reading comprehension intervention for pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 who have age appropriate decoding skills but who are experiencing difficulty acquiring full meaning and enjoyment from their reading.  This training programme will give you all the skills you need to deliver Inference Training.  Inference Training is a 12 week high quality evidence-based intervention run by trained TAs. There are 2 weekly sessions of 40 minutes.

Inference Training uses diagnostic conversations to target the needs of children and enables teachers to boost reading comprehension through a focused approach to engaging with and gaining understanding from texts

1 Bookings available

Thursday 13:30

Session 1: 09 June 2022 - >

Session 2: 16 June 2022 - >

Professional Learning Packages:

Schools have the option to buy a professional learning (PL) package for Teaching Assistants & Support Staff. Once purchased, the PL Booker for each school can book two people onto all courses within Teaching Assistants & Support Staff. Additional places will be charged at the cost displayed on the course page.

To purchase the package:

  • Log into the hub
  • Scroll down to the Schools Traded Services Store
  • Click ''Enfield Education'
  • Select the package of professional learning you which to purchase
  • If you are purchasing for more than one school, select the school you are purchasing for

Packages can be purchased for non-Enfield schools, please select the OutOfBorough option.


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