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Proofreading and Grammar


Category Teaching Assistants & Support Staff

Target audienceSupport Staff
Office Manager
School Business Manager

Audience capacity50


Type1 session x 2 hrs
1 session x 2 hrs
1 session x 2 hrs



• The role of the proofreader
• On screen or on paper?
• A new way of reading
• Intervention
• Dealing with details
• Spotting errors

You will also benefit from a year’s support from the tutor.


If you are responsible for proofreading documents at work, this course will help you by improving your accuracy and your confidence.
You will each receive a Guide to Proofreading and Grammar which will be a valuable reference book when you are back in the office, you will also benefit from a year of free support and advice from your tutor.

Target Audience:  For all administrative staff in Primary, Special and Secondary Schools. Other staff based in schools who are responsible for proofreading documents at work.

We all make mistakes in our writing sometimes: typos creep in, the grammar goes wrong, or an apostrophe trips us up. The Proofreading & Grammar course will give you the skills and knowledge to ensure that your documents are always accurate  and never embarrassing.

1 Bookings available

Wednesday 13:30

Session 1: 22 June 2022 - >

Session 2: 23 June 2022 - >

Session 3: 24 June 2022 - >

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