Work Experience

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Enfield Council’s Work Experience service offers a range of high-quality services to help you deliver your work experience with the following benefits:

  • All employers are given structured guidance on how to meet the learning objectives of work experience
  • Peace of mind for you and your students’ parents knowing that your placements have been professionally vetted
  • Assurance that your health and safety checks are carried out on time with a team of experienced IOSH qualified visiting officers trained in risk assessment
  • Use the inbuilt database to search for employers who schools in Enfield have partnered with previously.


A - Private

Employer new to our database

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B - Find Own

Employer found by the pupil already on our database

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C - Sourced by Service

Employer sourced by the service

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D - Post 16 Sourced by Service

Post 16 block extended placement, sourced by the Service over 4-6 weeks

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E - Specialist within Service for LDD Pupils

Placement within the Service for LDD pupils

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