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Please note the prices for this service are for the ECT Appropriate Body and not for the ECT Professional Learning Package.

Enfield Appropriate Body provides a high quality and professional Appropriate Body Service for Primary, Secondary and Special School ECTs. Experience along with a good understanding of our local schools and context result in us working successfully to guide schools and ECTs through statutory induction for Early Career Teachers.

Enfield Appropriate Body will play a key role in induction by:

  • Registration of ECTs with the TRA (Teaching Regulation Agency)
  • A Quality Assurance Role that ensures a suitable Early Career Framework (ECF) programme of support development is in place for Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and assessment of ECTs is fair and consistent
  • Ensuring that Early Career Teachers receive their statutory entitlements
  • Provide ECF fidelity checks, ensuring schools are supported to provide ECTs with an ECF-based induction
  • Checking whether Early Career Teachers are receiving a programme of development, support and training based on the Early Career Framework
  • Monitor progress reviews each term where a formal assessment does not take place
  • Ensure all schools are supported throughout the year with their induction processes
  • Provide support and advice for Induction Tutors
  • Support schools where there are concerns about struggling ECTs
  • Provide advice on variations in induction e.g. Reduce the length of induction for an ECT or management of absence which effects the induction period
  • Determine completion of induction year and exemption from induction year
  • Review assessment forms
  • Make the final decision as to whether the ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards.


Sarah Fryer Sarah.Fryer@enfield.gov.uk and Michelle Williams Michelle.Williams@Enfield.gov.uk


ECT Year 2 Appropriate Body (Y2 in 2023/2024)

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ECT 1 Term Appropriate Body (2023/2024)


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ECT 2 Terms Appropriate Body (2023/2024)


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