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Lessons for Autumn Term 2024

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Deadline for booking Autumn term lessons is 13/10/2024

Learn how to play the Electronic Keyboard - Out of School hours

Electronic Keyboard or Piano?

Electronic Keyboard and Piano are different instruments and have different teaching methods and exam systems. Both need practice at home so it’s important to have the correct instrument for this as practising on the wrong instrument will affect progress.

For Electronic Keyboard lessons pupils will need a keyboard that has 61 keys, with voice and style functions (sometimes called tone and rhythm) and an auto accompaniment function. The auto accompaniment function generates accompaniments when pupils play left hand chords.  If you don't have or intend to buy an instrument like this, and instead have a digital (electric) piano, then we reccommend you book Piano lessons.

These lessons are for confirmed out of school hours tuition.

If we cannot provide the lessons you have booked we will refund any fees paid.

Recommended Year Group
EMS recommends that children should be in at least school year 2 to start learning this instrument, due to both the physical size of the instrument and levels of dexterity required.

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