Double Bass - Out of School hours

Lessons for Autumn Term 2024

Instrument hire is available with these lessons

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Deadline for booking Autumn term lessons is 13/10/2024

Learn how to play the Double Bass - Out of School hours

Learn how to play the Double Bass through a range of engaging and inspiring musical activities to develop general musicianship skills and technique.

Only for lessons at the Tuesday Evening Tuition Centre - Enfield County Lower School. Limited spaces available.

Please note that pupils must have an instrument to use for lessons and to practise on at home in between lessons. Many instruments are available to hire from EMS - please see the Instrument Hire Store for more details.

If we cannot provide the lessons you have booked we will refund any fees paid.

Recommended Year Group
EMS recommends that children should be in at least school year 4 to start learning this instrument, due to both the physical size of the instrument and levels of dexterity required.

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