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Teaching Maths Through Story Books in Early Years & KS1


Category Teaching, Learning & Innovation Early Years Primary Maths

Target audienceKS1 Lead
Teaching Assistant
English Coordinator
Maths Coordinator
All Classroom Based Staff

Audience capacity40

Online platformZoom


Type1 session x 3 hrs


To explore a variety of picture and story books which lend themselves to maths and consider the range of links to literacy.


This half day of interactive professional learning will include:

  • Developing a range of maths & speaking & listening skills through picture books
  • Considering the range of books available and how to plan maths activities from them
  • How to utilise enthusiasm with books to link with maths
  • Immersion in a range of practical activities that can be applied back in the classroom
  • Exploring maximising the real life links to maths through story books


Nature is written in mathematical language

Galileo Galilei


Click to watch the the 10 Minute Teaser with Sara, recorded 26.4.21

1 Bookings available

Monday 09:00

Session: 10 January 2022 - >

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