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Shakespeare and Race - Primary

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Category Anti-Racism Primary English

Target audienceKS2 Lead
Literacy Coordinator

Audience capacity40

Online platformZoom


Type1 session x 3 hrs
1 session x 2 hrs


For teachers to deepen their understanding about, and develop tools and strategies for, exploring race and identity in Shakespeare’s plays. Although the sessions focus on Shakespeare’s plays, they will have wider relevance to the English curriculum.


This online course uses Shakespeare’s plays to explore issues of race and identity in a way that enables teachers to take an actively anti-racist approach to the teaching of Shakespeare. Through rehearsal-based approaches, teachers will explore questions of identity and representation in key plays and acquire tools for approaching some of the most challenges aspects of Shakespeare’s writing, including tackling racist language and the representation of race and ethnicity in the plays.

This course is made up of two sessions. The first will focus on introducing key tools and approaches for use in the classroom. The second session will include opportunities for reflection on the experience of implementing the approaches from session 1, as well as extending the range of tools teachers can use to explore these issues.


The RSC has compelling evidence about the positive impact that Shakespeare’s plays and rehearsal room pedagogies have on raising aspirations and attainment, developing resilience and confidence, promoting wellbeing, inclusion, and a sense of belonging in individual children and whole school communities. We know that supporting young people to take ownership of Shakespeare’s work can make a significant difference to what they believe they can achieve, now and in the future.


This course is specifically designed to support teachers to take an actively anti-racist approach in the teaching of Shakespeare, providing tools for recognising and challenging racism in the plays. In doing so, we can ensure that Shakespeare’s work continues to be a relevant and resonant part of the curriculum for all our young people

Jacqui O’Hanlon, RSC Director of Learning and National Partnerships


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