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Risk and Fraud Management in Schools - March 2024

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Category Leadership

Target audienceHeadteacher
Deputy Headteacher
Assistant Headteacher
School Business Manager

Audience capacity100

Online platformMicrosoft Teams


Type1 session x 1:30 hrs


Content: Risks facing schools are varied, complex and continue to evolve. 

This session will:

Provide an introduction to Risk Management and its application in managing a variety of risks, and in particular will cover how to make sound risk based decisions for good financial and business management.

Provide an overview of both the Council’s Internal Audit and Counter Fraud services.

Provide an overview of audit scope areas and the importance of good controls, as well as the key fraud risks faced by schools, with a particular focus on cybercrime.  

Provide some insight into how the services operate and what you can expect from engagements with the relevant services.





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