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Register Terms and Conditions

Enfield Professional Learning – Terms & Conditions 2021

May 2021

Registering - Enfield Schools

Enfield Schools have a designated Professional Learning Booker (PL Booker). This person has admin rights to access all the information regarding PL bookings at the school. This incudes staff lists containing name, email and job title. It contains a record of all professional learning bookings that have occurred, and any that are pending.

It is the responsibility of the school PL Booker to maintain up to date records on the Enfield Professional Learning Portal, which includes removing anyone that has left the school, adding anyone that is new and updating email addresses if these change.

It is also the responsibility of the PL Booker to inform Enfield Professional Learning (PL) when their role changes or ceases, so that the new PL Booker can be added by Enfield PL to the backend of the portal.

Any individual within an Enfield school is able to register for the portal. This will enable them to select ‘Request to Book’ on any professional learning. This initiates an automatic email to the school’s PL Booker for a request. The PL Booker can then approve or reject. There is a time limit of 72 hours for this process so that places on sessions are not held indefinitely thereby potentially preventing others from booking a place. The individual will be automatically emailed in either case.

The costs for each session or program are set according to school type or individual, though most have consistent pricing across all settings. For 2021-2022, yoga is an example where there are different costs for individuals versus schools.


Registering - External to Enfield

Any individual, school or other establishment is able to register on the PL portal. An individual does not necessarily need to be attached to a school in order to register.

When an individual subsequently signs in, the costs for an individual will be reflected on individual session or program pages if they are different to that of a school cost


Cancellation and refunds for professional learning bookings

Anyone registered will be issued a full refund if the provider cancels. If a registered participant cancels at any point up until 1 week before the session, a full refund will be issued if payment has been processed, or the invoice cancelled if it is pending. If the invoice involves other services, it may be simpler to issue a transfer of funds back to the school.

If a session (or program) is cancelled by the school-based booker or the individual after 1 week before the session is due to start and up to 24 hours before the start time, the refund will be 50%. If the cancellation is after the 24-hour period before the session starts, fees paid will not be refunded. We are commissioning a large amount of professional learning and have to commit to providers requiring a minimum number of schools to attend.


If there is no cancellation but there is non-attendance, the fees will still be due, so there will not be a refund in the instance of credit card payment, and schools will still be invoiced where this is their payment process.  

Accounts & Records

With professional learning now integrated with the ‘Hub’, the PL booker will be able to view all professional learning that has been booked, with associated costs. Individual invoices will also be able to be viewed.

We will not share names, email addresses or work position data held within Enfield PL portal with any external individual, organisation or company without your permission.

There are some external organisations or companies who require professional learning to be hosted on their own platform. In this instance, we will either send the link directly to registered individuals or contact registered individuals to inform (with an opt out) them that we need to send their email to the provider that is delivering the professional learning they have registered with.