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Wilbury Primary School - Provision in the Early Years

What the good practice is:

Provision in the Early Years - particular focus on phonics, enabling environments and outdoor learning.


At Wilbury we have a high quality, consistent ‘seamless’ and progressive provision from two year olds to Reception - ‘seamless’ in that the same early years principles, ethos and practice run throughout.

We have a balanced / hybrid approach, combining  - early years best practice - learning through play, enabling environments, outdoor learning, following children’s interests and teaching though interactions, with motivating adult led activities, core experiences, and targeted phonics sessions. Our provision is developmentally appropriate, and the balance shifts as children move through the year groups Expectations are stepped up at each stage, and we build on previous learning, ensuring progress.


For more information click here – link to Good Practice Network early years page on Wilbury website


What the offer is for schools (e.g. a morning visit in a variety of class)

Generic package Seamless provision progression & balance. Includes early years best practice & phonics


Stage 1

Morning visit to Wilbury


  • Our pedagogy, background and context  

Observe good practice in action

  • Tour of ‘seamless provision’ - TWOs, Threes, Nursery and Reception (learning environments, progression)
  • Observe freeflow and outdoor learning (all year groups)
  • Observe phonics sessions and interventions in Reception – how we fit everything together.
  • Opportunities to talk with staff and peer to peer support.
  • Concludes with discussions and Q&A – pedagogy and practice


Stage 2 (on request)

Individual support – return advisory visit to school. Feedback, review and action planning


Supplementary support (on request – 2 hour sessions)

  • Enabling environments (inside and outside)
  • Early years leadership
  • Phonics
  • Outdoor learning
  • Classroom practice

Who the intended audience is:

  • Early years practitioners at all levels -leaders, teachers and support staff
  • School leaders
  • Governors (with a member of school staff)

Which days/times are suitable:

Tuesday mornings, 9.00 -11.30:

  • Summer 21 – 22nd June, 6th July
  • Autumn 21 - 19th October, 16th November, 30th November, 14th December

How many people can attend each session:

Summer Term: 6 total per session, maximum 3 per school (restrictions permitting)

Autumn Term: TBA

Contact name & email:

Sophie Chaloner, Assistant Head, Early Years

Wilbury adult with 3 children


Wilbury child with magnifying glass
Wilbury adult with children on carpet