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Year 6: Essential Writing Moderation – a comprehensive guide to making teacher assessments - WTS, EXS and GDS

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Category Teaching, Learning & Innovation Primary English

Target audienceHeadteacher
English Coordinator
Upper KS2 teachers

Audience capacity50

Online platformMicrosoft Teams


Type1 session x 2 hrs
1 session x 2 hrs
1 session x 2 hrs


A comprehensive guide to making accurate judgements of writing standards and understanding the teacher assessment process.  

This course is ideal for teachers who are teaching Y6 or new to Year 6.

This course, is aimed at giving teachers who have not yet experienced a full moderation cycle, a detailed overview of the statutory national requirements from the ‘Teacher assessment frameworks at the end of Key Stage 2’. A Standards and Testing Agency (STA) Moderation Manager, will support you to understand and apply the 'pupil can' statements in the teacher assessment framework for Key Stage 2 writing.

We will share the same national materials, training exercises and messages that STA deliver to Key Stage 2 writing moderation team as part of becoming Lead Moderators. These are the same training materials that we use to train our fabulous team of Local Authority Moderators.

Good practice to make accurate judgements and achieve both ‘expected’ and ‘at greater depth’ writing standards will be covered, and the latest STA recommendations shared.

Participants will also be provided with a useful help-guide, which exemplifies the understanding of the 'pupil can' statements and will help to ensure concepts are effectively taught to maximise progress towards the standards.


Outcomes are that delegates will:

  • be fully aware of the Teacher assessment framework for writing at the end of Key Stage 2 and all implications arising from this;
  • be confident that their teacher assessment judgements of writing standards will be rigorous, secure and consistent with national standards and expectations.


Pre-course task: Some printing of materials prior to the session would be beneficial for participants (though not compulsory and documents can be viewed on screen). An email of recommended printouts will be sent a few days before the session.

Please note:
This training is ideal for teachers/ leaders who have not recently attended moderators’ training - certainly in the 2022 or 2023 cycles, and those new to Y6.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact: Seyis team: