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Designated Safeguarding Lead Training for SEND professionals (either in Special Schools or mainstream) - Spring term 2024

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Category Safeguarding Compliance

Target audienceSafeguarding Leads

Audience capacity25

Online platformECP Platform


Type1 session x 3 hrs
1 session x 3 hrs


This training meets the statutory requirement for SEND education professionals to participate in ‘robust 2-yearly training’ for those with a lead or designated professional role for safeguarding in special or mainstream schools.


Having already completed basic safeguarding training, this course equips professionals to perform their senior safeguarding function in education. 

Course content includes: 

  • Latest legislation and procedures – reflecting the Education Acts and ‘Keeping children safe in Education’ (September 2022) 
  • Additional safeguarding considerations and vulnerabilities with SEND students
  • Policy development 
  • Awareness of multi-agency working 
  • Information sharing 
  • The referral processes 
  • Thresholds or risk analysis within the context of children and young people 
  • Management of safeguarding with staff and students – including the response to sexual violence and sexual harassment 
  • Challenging topics are also explored from a management level 


Education Child Protection is a specialist child protection and safeguarding training company working with organisations across all sectors who come into contact with children, young people, families and adults at risk.  We provide some of the best Child Protection, Adults at Risk and Online Safety training within the UK, and we pride ourselves on delivering services of the highest standard that has a positive impact on those who receive it

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