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Effective Inclusion in the Early Years - Feb 2022

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Category SEND & Inclusion

Target audienceAssistant Headteacher
All Classroom Based Staff

Audience capacity30

Online platformMicrosoft Teams


Type1 session x 1:30 hrs


To begin to explore the meaning of inclusion
To begin to consider inclusive environments and attitudes
To look at the importance of working with parents and families
To plan for effective target setting
To share some practical strategies for inclusion


We will consider what we mean by inclusion and the importance of inclusive practice in the early years. Practical strategies will be shared to support work with children in your setting.

Come and join our session created by our team of health and education professionals, working in partnership to improve and enhance opportunities for young children in a practical way

Professional Learning Packages:

Schools have the option to buy a professional learning (PL) package for SEND & Inclusion. Once purchased, the PL Booker for each school can book two people onto all courses within SEND & Inclusion. Additional places will be charged at the cost displayed on the course page.

To purchase the package:

  • Log into the hub
  • Scroll down to the Schools Traded Services Store
  • Click ''Enfield Education'
  • Select the package of professional learning you which to purchase
  • If you are purchasing for more than one school, select the school you are purchasing for

Packages can be purchased for non-Enfield schools, please select the OutOfBorough option.