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Identifying, Understanding & Addressing Mathematical Difficulties (including dyscalculia) through a multi-sensory Approach

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Category SEND & Inclusion

Target audienceTeacher
Teaching Assistant
Maths Coordinator
Inclusion Manager

Audience capacity50

Online platformZoom


Type1 session x 2:30 hrs
1 session x 2:30 hrs


  • To consider the difficulties experienced by learners with gaps in their mathematical understanding and gain a greater understanding of the indicators of Dyscalculia – and consider how these can be addressed.
  • Consider the research from educational theorists and relate this to classroom practice. 
  • To be confident in using a range of manipulatives to support children in developing their conceptual understanding and thus avoid the pitfalls of abstract teaching and learning 
  • Develop children’s short and long-term memory  
  • Develop visualisation skills, mathematical vocabulary and speech and language
  • To be aware of structured approaches and programmes should you wish to pursue them further. 


Do you have children that struggle with mathematics? Do you have to fight the notion that some children can achieve and others cannot? Would you be able to identify specific maths difficulties and, if so, know how to address them? Do you have a structured programme for your struggling mathematicians?

This two-part course will explore some of the research available and provide practical advice and approaches on how to identify gaps in learning, address through multi-sensory approaches, and ensure that all children achieve their potential. 

Practitioners will enhance their subject knowledge and pedagogy as they consider and apply research and advice from the likes of Professor Jo Boaler, Dr Tony Wing, Dr Stephen Chinn, Prof Dylan Williams & Jerome Bruner through a range of practical activities. 


Come and join us to share ideas and practice for supporting children and young people who experience  maths difficulties.

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