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Strategies for Developmental Language Disorder and Targeted Intervention for a Small Group with a DLD Focus - Autumn 2023

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Category SEND & Inclusion

Target audienceTeacher
Teaching Assistant

Audience capacity30


Type1 session x 3 hrs
1 session x 1 hrs


Understanding what DLD is, its prevalence and its impact on learning
Understanding of suitable strategies for supporting children and young people with DLD
Confidence in how to embed strategies in the classroom
Understanding of suitable activities for working with children and young people with DLD
Confidence in how to set up small groups with suitable activities


This half day course will provide you with knowledge to identify and support children and young people with DLD in the classroom and ideas to set up a targeted intervention for them.


Come and join me as we think about how we can help children and young people with DLD have a better school experience

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