Piers Corbyn - Stop the New Normal - Attending Schools in Edmonton on 17/09/2021

FAO: All Schools / All Phases - Headteachers and DSL Leads

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to share with you an update that may impact your schools especially schools located in the Edmonton area, following on from today’s live stream in the Facebook page ‘Piers Corbyn – Stop the New Normal.’ It was announced that they will be attending schools with a Vax programme in Edmonton. Unfortunately, they are not specific about which schools they are attending.

We are monitoring updates and SSO’s are aware to report any sightings and updates to determine our Policing response whilst balancing freedom of speech to prevent minimum disruption.

The link to the Facebook page from which the Live Stream clip was taken is here: https://www.facebook.com/stopnewnormaluk/  which has 15,351 likes and 24,151 followers.

Kind regards




Paul Lord

PC 323CC

Metropolitan Police Service

@MetCC Social Media Team


A: Lambeth CC

w: www.met.police.uk

e: Paul.Lord@met.police.uk

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