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Alternative Provision, Outreach, Behaviour Support Groupwork & REACH

Enfield AP Overview

The Enfield Alternate Provision (AP) team, work with and support all Secondary schools in the Enfield Borough, as well as work closely with the Enfield admissions team.  Each learner referred to Alternate Provision are met by the team and matched accordingly to educational providers within our Alternate Provision network. The team will meet with learners, school/AP staff and parent/carers to ensure all are given information and guidance relating to the provision on offer.

Additionally, we work closely with multi-agency workers to support the young people, aid with monitoring attendance, achievements and continually work to seek solutions for day-to-day problems that may arise. The team also monitors contractual compliance and quality assurance of provisions across the network.

Enfield AP Referral Process

Enfield Alternate Provision (AP) mainly receive referrals from Enfield Secondary Schools or the Enfield Admissions Team. The young people referred are a normally mixture including, out of borough, with virtual schools, looked after children and some have EHCP’s.

We receive referrals for a number of different reasons, these can include behaviour and attendance issues, not coping well in a mainstream or PRU setting, gang affiliations, CSE/CCE, and new arrivals into the UK who need education arranged. Referrals will be Year 7-11 school ages, but the bulk of referrals are Years 9-11.

After assessing the referral, we will arrange a meeting with the young person, their family and any professionals involved to explain AP and go over which APs we have available. The young person’s safety, current working level, hobbies, future goals, the location of the provisions are all taken into consideration. Once a suitable AP is identified and agreed by all, a visit/interview is then arranged for that AP. Following the visit, a start date is agreed.

As part of Alternate Provision, our mentors will continually assess and meet with the young person with weekly visits identifying any support they may need. If the placement is not working out, we will review, look at options available and if needed, change the provision to another that is better suited to them. We work in partnership with each AP continuously to ensure our young people are placed in the most suitable provisions whilst trying our best to keep them engaged with education.  

Enfield AP staff attend all professional and educational meetings to keep up to date with developments and give our input based on our meetings and interactions with the young person. If we feel it is needed, we will also offer and assign them to relevant agencies to help give them any additional support they may need.

Please download the AP Referral Form on the right


Outreach Overview

The Enfield Outreach Team support all Secondary Schools within the borough of Enfield through a mentoring programme. Mentors will work on a 1-1 basis whilst also delivering group workshops which are tailored to the needs of the young people. The Outreach mentors are in a unique position to engage and inspire the learners and act as ideal role models, highly skilled and experienced - they support learners in school with engagement to learning and work on improving behaviour. Learners are given a block of 12 weeks mentoring using the same mentor and sessions are held once a week.  Mentors help pastorally by speaking with school staff, parents/carers and any other professionals to update and give recommendations during their time with the mentees. After 12 weeks, the mentoring cycle is reviewed, mentors will update schools and parents/carers and determine whether any further mentoring may be necessary.

Outreach 1-1

The aim of the behaviour one on one service is to provide mentoring support to young people. The focus of the one on one sessions is varied and ultimately adapted to suit the needs of the young person and school.

However, the focal point of the sessions is usually designed to address the young person’s negative behaviours in school. Such behaviours that may be causing concern, both in and around the school, resulting in negative relationships with peers and teachers and therefore causing disruption to the young person’s learning.

The one on one sessions support the young person through discussions and understanding, which aims to identify any other issues or concerns that might be having an impact on the young person’s behaviour, while providing a safe and supportive space to encourage reflection, accountability, responsibility and change. The mentors will work closely with teachers and school staff to address issues and implement the strategies from the one on one sessions, in order to improve the learning experience and environment for the young person. If there are any other concerns that we identify through mentoring, these are fed back to the school for assessment and with the mentor’s input, schools will then identify and refer to external agencies for additional support if needed.

Please download the Outreach Referral Form on the right


Behaviour Support Groupwork

Behaviour Support Service offer interventions in the form of groupwork. The purpose of intervention varies depending on the needs of the school or individuals.

The groups are identified and chosen by schools and usually consist of up to 10 students and normally run for a duration of 6 weeks unless discussed previously with then school. The school will select the individuals they wish to attend the group. BSS try to meet all attendees individually before starting the group, this is to explain to the young person what the groupwork will consist of. During the groupwork, needs will be explored and tackled through means of discussions, role play and other strategic methods to achieve the desired outcome.

BSS will keep a register to record attendance each week. On completion, everyone will be presented with a certificate acknowledging their participation and contribution to the group.

During and after the groupwork, the BSS staff member will identify if any of young people need extra intervention. If this is needed, they can be referred by the school for 1:1 mentoring or whichever intervention is best suited for the individual.



REACH is a programme designed for 8-10 Year 9 Learners.


  • To make an impact on changing and modifying behaviours and attitudes towards learning beyond their time at school.
  • To enable the learner to achieve a sense of success and pride within the curriculum offered.
  • To develop the learners’ social, emotional and behavioural skills.
  • To introduce learners to new skills and opportunities that they may not have been involved in previously.

Where is REACH?

REACH is held at the Newbury Site which is a self-contained building on Bury Street, London, N9 7JR, just off the A10.

How it works

Referral From School -> Observation of Learner -> Interview -> Off-school Site Programme -> Re-integration Back to School with Mentoring Support

8 weeks is the length of time that the learners will be off site attending REACH full time and then there will be a 3-4-week transition back into school depending on the term length.

During the end of the student’s time at REACH, a review will take place before the learner returns to school and BSS will give recommendations on continued support and if SEN has been identified or any other professionals needed to support this young person.


Monday - Friday, 8.45am -2.30pm. (See Timetable) Students take part in all lessons including Literacy, Numeracy, Handling Emotions, Classroom skills, PE and then some more creative lessons such as Art and Drama projects.

The timetable also includes weekly meetings with both parents/carers and the school link worker. Each student is assigned a mentor who would head these meetings.

We also have visits from inspiring speakers and trips off site.

Who is involved in REACH

Centre Manager / Mentor – Anya Ghambary

Site Manager / Boxing teacher – Andreas Evangelou

Maths teacher / Mentor – Louise Jackson

English, History, Positive Classroom Engagement & PE teacher / Mentor – Paul Bardouille

Art & Catering teacher / Mentor – Enzo Avanzato

Several volunteers who work with us

Outside Agencies / People we work with

Niburu London- Healthy Lifestyle

Friends of Broomfield Park-Community Project

Rudolph Walker Foundation (Nana - Drama)

Ian Grant – Self Defence

Please download the REACH Referral Form on the right