Brooks Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool Training

DSLs, LAC Leads, CIN Leads, Headteachers

The Virtual School have commissioned the training and use of Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool for all Enfield schools to support the identification and response to the range of sexualised behaviours which professionals may encounter in schools. Please note that the use of the tool does not replace existing safeguarding procedures. 

On completion of the training you will:

  • Recognise and identify sexualised behaviours and differentiate between those which are part of healthy sexual development and those which are problematic or harmful. 
  • Reflect on your own values and understand how they can impact on decision making. 
  • Demonstrate a common language around developmental and harmful sexual behaviours. 
  • Understand what a behaviour may be communicating and why the child or young person may be exhibiting the behaviour. 
  • Appropriately respond to sexualised behaviours, considering possible motivations, communications and severity
  • Have access to the tool and a range of Brook online training materials.


Monday 4th July 9:30 – 1pm

Monday 4th July 1:30 – 5pm

Wednesday 6th July 9:30 – 1pm

Schools only need to attend one session.

Tea/Coffee will be provided.

Please note:  Only the delegate attending the training will have access to the tool and will be the only person licenced to use it.  Should you wish more staff trained in the use of the tool, schools can contact Brook independently (costs will apply). 


Ambassadors Room

Millfield House

Silver Street

Edmonton N18 1PJ

Audience:  Designated Safeguarding Leads (only one delegate per school).

Cost:  Free

Delivered by Suzanne Rowson Virtual School Headteacher & Head of Corporate Parenting.

How to register:  Please self-register via the Hub (Professional Learning – Safeguarding) or using the below link

Dani Lang 

Senior School Improvement Advisor for Safeguarding & Inclusion