Message from Cate Young (SAFE/CAMHS Team Manager)

FAO: All Schools / All Phases - Headteachers, Senior Mental Health Leads, Designated Safeguarding Leads, SENCOs and Pastoral Teams

In recent weeks we have been witnessing a steady flow of young people presenting to the local hospitals, sent there on the advice of teaching staff.

Invariably this often involves  some concern that the young person poses a risk to themselves. 

Clearly if a child has taken tablets or needs urgent medical treatment for say Deliberate Self Harm, hospital would be the appropriate advice.

What we would however ask is that staff please access the Crisis line prior to any advice being given.

Can we therefore ask that it be cascaded to all secondary school pastoral/safeguarding staff that the first port of call should be to call the Crisis line 0800 1510023

If after talking with Crisis line staff they advise going to the hospital let the CAMHS  clinicians  give this advice

Otherwise if we can we want to try to  divert to CAMHS Baytree house where they young people can be seen by our in house HUB clinician

I will be at the SMHL Network meeting on Monday to talk about this and you will be able to ask questions.  If you are not part of this and would like to join, please e-mail

Thanks in advance


Enfield SAFE/CAMHS Team Manager ,

Baytree House ,

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Enfield ,

EN2 6NZ.

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