Cut your carbon eco-schools campaign

FAO: All phases and school types, headteacher and subject leads

Cut your carbon 
Cut Your Carbon is the latest eco-schools campaign aimed at inspiring pupils from across the country to get active, raise awareness, and cut their carbon. The campaign asks young people to focus on one of three key areas, before completing a series of simple, free activities throughout the campaign week. 

  1. (Re)LoveOurStuff connects to fast fashion and textile waste encouraging Eco-Committees to plan, advertise and deliver a pop-up, second-hand thrift store for their schoolmates.
  2. Energy Investigators asks young people to review energy-usage in their school before stepping up and delivering five simple, free energy-reducing activities across the campaign week.
  3. Plant-Based Portions encourages pupils to research and raise awareness about the environmental and health benefits of plant-based food choices before completing five positive plant-based actions during the week.

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Harriet Potemkin