2022 DfE Amended KS2 and KS4 NPD data now available in Nexus

All Schools

Please see below, announcement from NCER

NCER has announced that the 2022 DfE Amended (Revised) KS2 and KS4 National Pupil Database (NPD) data are now live in Nexus and that Schools can view this data in Perspective Lite.

2022 Reports (Nova) and Analysis (Insight) Reporting in Perspective Lite

Reports (Nova) and Analysis (Insight) now show the 2022 DfE Amended KS2 & KS4 NPD data as default for your schools if you have this functionality switched on for your schools (Admin > Perspective Services). 

For more information, please contact Nexus Help Desk

Francesca Falcini

SEYIS Data Manager