Safeguarding Briefing - 20th March 202

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Safeguarding Briefing - 20th March 2023

Dear Colleagues,

Ben Nelson-Roux Inquest Findings - INQUEST 

In April 2020 a sixteen year old boy - Ben Nelson-Roux, was found dead in an adult homeless hostel under the jurisdiction of Harrogate Borough Council. Ben Nelson-Roux's case raised many questions from the national media, due to the circumstances leading up to his unfortunate death. For many years it was alleged that he had been under the influence of groomers from the illegal narcotics sector. His case has been described as a typical example of Criminal Child Exploitation. Aggravating the power of local criminals over Ben, was believed to be his vulnerable status as an individual diagnosed with ADHD. The Ben Nelson-Roux case makes for a good study in institutional failure, and as such the findings of the inquiry - concluded on the 13th of March this year, may be of interest to you. If so please follow the link below:

Get Your Free SEND Behaviour Handbook - Beacon 

The education of children who come under the term SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) is a vital part of our jobs as educational professionals. These children can be among society's most vulnerable, finding ways to accommodate their particular requirements whilst making sure they can achieve the same educational targets as anyone else, is therefore of the highest importance. To aid you in becoming the very best teacher you can be to these pupils, we would like to recommend the SEND Behaviour Handbook from the BEACON organization. Normally £7.99, the BEACON organization is currently running an offer where you can get yours for free. It really is an excellent resource so if interested please follow the link below:

What to Do About Fake Accounts - SWGfL

We talk frequently about the issues that the internet can pose to children and to internet security within educational establishments themselves. Increasingly a new threat has been emerging to this. The issue of fake accounts. These accounts can be on Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media medium. Often these accounts pose as staff from a particular educational establishment, these fake accounts can cause distress to members of staff and may show offensive content. The SWGfL has published a page which gives advice on what to do in these situations. To find out more follow the link below:

Did Someone Forward this Safeguarding Briefing to You?

If you would like to receive your own copy of the Safeguarding Briefing, simply go to:

Teacher Burnout and How to Avoid It - Educational Support 

Being a professional in the education sector can be very challenging. In our briefings we most often seek to provide information relating to the job of being a teacher, or within the staff of an educational establishment. Of course the pupils are the number on priority for any school and for any teacher. But at Success in Schools, we recognize that the mental and emotional health of teachers is an important element in the educational sphere. Sometimes, particularly for new educational professionals this career can be overwhelming. It is important when you feel like this that you can get some support and advice. The Educational Support organization has published a page over on their site dedicated to addressing how to deal with these feelings. If interested please follow the link below:

Pet Education in Schools - Woodgreen

You may remember a few weeks ago we wrote about recent issues regarding dangerous dogs and children. After the briefing was sent, we received correspondence making us aware of an organization, based in Cambridgeshire which undertakes both school visits and online workshops. These activities are focused on bringing awareness to children in regards to dealing with animals, in particular with canines. To find out more about their services please follow the link below:

Forthcoming Courses

Implementing the role of the Senior Mental Health Lead (DfE Course Code SMHL105)

This is our DfE Quality Assured course for Senior Mental Health Leads. The course offers self-paced learning using the resources in our SMHL.Pro Hub, which is available for 12 months. Each month there is a live online member check-in to catch up with your tutors and each other. The course cost £397+VAT, some schools are eligible for a grant to cover this cost.

For more details, go to:

Advanced Safeguarding for DSLs

This is a four-session course for DSLs over a full-day. The course is offered live and as a recorded replay. When the course is live, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute with observations, questions or answers. As a recording, the interactions from other people are included and feedback notes that this makes it feel like you are not on your own.

"I came to a session in Birmingham back in 2019 (the day after the GE I think) and it was superb. Today [online] was just as good, if not better. The use of video mixed with live speaking was excellent and goes way beyond what other safeguarding courses provide. You've been there and done it, and your openness with your own story is inspirational." 

Next Live online course Tuesday 21st March 2023 10am - 4pm Book Online

LIVE ON LOCATION remember that you can book Andrew to visit your school, cluster or MAT to share his DSL course. Please contact us for details and bookings.


Whole School Safeguarding CPD Online Session for 2022/2023

In this two and half hour online presentation aimed at staff in all roles, specialist safeguarding consultant, Andrew Hall, explores important aspects of safeguarding in schools including child protection, learning from case studies and the latest version of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

"In my excitement, I forgot to add our star rating to the Safeguarding training we have just watched. If we could, we would give it 10 stars! That was the best Safeguarding training we have ever had, thank you so much. Feedback from staff has, so far, been overwhelmingly positive…I can't thank you enough."

"I would like to extend my thanks to Andrew for his fantastic online training. It was filmed so well - almost as if he were here with us! We were kept engaged throughout and felt so well informed - a huge thank you. It was a real success, and we look forward to booking you again in the future - with the staff team saying it was the best safeguarding training they have ever had. We really appreciated Andrew's real-life storytelling and the way such sensitive information was shared - it was excellent training."

You book your online session here:

Until next time, keep safe and thank you for all the work you're doing,

Andrew Hall
Specialist Safeguarding Consultant,
Success In Schools Ltd.