I wanted to let you all know about an exciting opportunity/resource which Enfield Virtual School has commissioned from ANSPEAR and made available to all Enfield schools free of charge.
Pupil Perception Survey
ANSPEAR’s pupil perceptions survey has been made available to all Enfield School’s to access. Schools can undertake the survey with all the children at your school and the survey will provide you with “in-depth reports and analysis
about the wellbeing and 'readiness for learning' of all your
pupils broken down by year group, gender, ethnicity, religion
and mode of transport [etc]to really be able to detect patterns
… ,offer very specific support” and demonstrate the impact of
your schools’ interventions.
Results regarding Enfield LAC, CiN & CP will be shared with
Enfield Virtual School to support us to monitor the wellbeing of
our vulnerable young people in school and tailor our support to
ensure that we are meeting the needs of our school

Please see attached a pupil perceptions invitation and contact who will assist you with setting up,
and or feel free to contact myself to discuss further.
Resources/training and short courses
The offer also includes free training materials/short courses
and information for DT’s for LAC & PLAC & DSL’s. Attached
you will find a poster with a link sign yourself up and you will
have free access to a wide range of resources to
complete/refer to at your own pace including:
• Attachment & Trauma
• Understanding Autism
• Understanding ADHD
• Supporting Adopted Children
• Building resilience
• ACE’s
• Mental Health
• Supporting EAL learners
Enfield LAC and Care leavers will also be provided with their
own logins and will be able to access their own platform which
includes resources for English, Maths and life skills from Early
Years to KS4.
Attendance leaflet for parents
Finally I’ve also attached a copy of an attendance leaflet which
the Virtual School has put together and will providing to the
families of children with a Social Worker. The leaflet outlines
tips for families to improve school attendance and possible
sanctions that can be taken to address poor attendance –
please feel free to use/send this leaflet to families of pupils at
your school.

Kind regards
Malaika Williams
Virtual School Assistant Head for Vulnerable Children
Virtual School for LAC,HEART Team
Children and Family Services
Thomas Hardy House
39 London Road
Telephone 020 8132 1657