Climate Education Opportunity for Enfield Schools

FAO: All Schools

I'm contacting you on behalf of Teach the Teacher, a national student-led campaign aiming to address the lack of compulsory climate education in UK secondary schools.

We provide free training, resources and support for young people, empowering them to deliver a climate education workshop directly to their own teachers. We then offer free support and resources for teachers to help them easily integrate climate into their teaching going forward. The campaign provides students the chance to create real change in their own schools and to start their activist journey, and allows schools to easily show a commitment to climate education (building momentum for change from the DfE!).

As part of our outreach we're looking for any opportunities to reach schools and educators, and I was wondering if this is something you'd be able to help us with this in Enfield?

We'd really appreciate the opportunity to introduce Teach the Teacher and be able to talk about the campaign with any schools / networks / at any events you have coming up which might be appropriate. As a student-led campaign, this would be an opportunity for educators to hear directly from young people themselves! If you'd be able to share any of our content on Instagram or Twitter to help improve our reach with schools that would also be much appreciated!

If you're interested and able to support our campaign I'd be happy to arrange a call to discuss any questions and next steps - just let me know 🙂

Jack Di Francesco