Enfield Youth Council – Empowering Young People Project

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The Enfield Youth Council will be working on achieving two priorities within the Empowering Young Enfield Plan over the next two years. The priorities reflect what children and young people expressed about education and learning, their health and wellbeing, what makes them feel safe or unsafe, how they are empowered, what they want from leisure and play activities, their culture and community, and their concerns about the climate.

The Enfield Youth Council aims to:

  1. Choose two priorities to work towards from the Empowering Enfield Plan using the representative voice of the majority of YP in Enfield.
  2. Connect and co-operate with senior offices to understand what is happening in those departments/areas and to discuss, plan and deliver a realistic set of deliverable options.
  3. Target the priorities to set specific and achievable aims.
  4. Plan and work towards achieving the aims

We need schools to upload the video link and questionnaire link onto their online platform for young people to access. Please encourage young people to complete the questionnaire. Young people are required to select two of the 6 priorities.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y83wCX8DxUw

Questionnaire link: https://forms.office.com/e/PQGEJ0pEFu

Sevgi Rifat – Lead Youth Participation Worker

Please email: youthcouncil@enfield.gov.uk

Contact number: 07773 112922