Enfield Youth Conference 2023

For School Council, Phase Leaders, PSHE Leads, Heads of Year, Pastoral Staff & Form Tutors

Come along to The Enfield Youth Conference!

The Enfield Youth Council (EYC) would like to invite you to our first Youth Conference on Thursday 30th November from 6pm to 8pm at the Enfield Civic Centre – The Conference Room.

The aim of the Youth Conference is to share what we, as the Enfield Youth Council, have been working on but to also empower you, and hear your voices about what is important to you. It is intended that this youth conference will take place annually and so we are really excited to meet and connect with you all.

At the conference, we, the Enfield Youth Council, would like to share the results of the Empowering Young Enfield Priorities questionnaire with you, which was completed by young people across Enfield. We will also discuss the engagement and work that we have been doing within the council. We would like to hear your thoughts on the priority campaigns that we have been developing to address the two identified priorities:

  1. Children and young people have access to an excellent education, are ready to learn when they start school and leave with the skills they need for life and the world of work
  2. Children and young people are safe and protected from harm in all places and spaces


Sevgi Rifat – Lead Youth Participation Worker

Please email: sevgi.rifat@enfield.gov.uk

Contact number: 07773112922