Christmas at Dugdale Arts Centre

For all School Staff & Families

Below is a listing of some Christmas events taking place at Dugdale Arts Centre (DAC). More of their Christmas programme will be uploaded to their website in the coming weeks. 

Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd December: Christmas Claytime

The award-winning Indefinite Articles present their work for the very young: Claytime, a play with clay, where the audience are invited to participate.
Come to a place where the earth’s natural material meets with children’s imaginations: a world of fabulous forms, amazing animals and morphing monsters. Each Claytime is totally unique - creating its own world, its own characters and its own stories drawn directly from its young audience. Truly, interactive theatre at its most engaging.

Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd December: The Magic Lamp

The Magic Lamp is the story of a blessed and beautiful boy who, through serendipity alone, ends up with a lamp-dwelling genie at his disposal.
Played out in a Bedouin tent with a set filled with billowing silken drapes, this bewitching shadow play is told using light, paper, and oil. From these simplest of ingredients, Indefinite Articles conjures up fantastical characters, shimmering transformations… souks, caves, palaces and deserts. Choreographed to haunting original music.

Wednesday 27th – Saturday 30th December: The King of Nothing

King Reginald is a ruler who likes to keep in style.  But the fashions change so fast, he’s afraid he can’t keep up…

Hearing of the King’s predicament, two fast-talking “Weavers” head to the palace with their brand new fabric: it's "smart" and it's "in" and it NEVER goes out of fashion.  Soon the Kingdom is alive with talk of the magical cloth and Reginald can’t wait to wear his “smart” new suit to the Big Parade.  But what are these “weavers” really spinning…?

Inspired by The Emperor's New Clothes, this wild new Puppet Musical sets out to prove…You’ll Believe Anything!