National Professional Qualification for SENCOs

For Headteachers, SENCOs & Inclusion Leads

The NPQ for SENCOs will replace the mandatory NASENCO qualification from September 2024. 

SENCOs who have already obtained the NASENCO will not need to complete the new NPQ. 

SENCOs appointed before 1st September 2009 will also not be required to take the NPQ but will be expected to ensure compliance with the regulations.

The requirement for schools to ensure that SENCOs complete the training within 3 years of appointment will remain.

SENCOs starting in post during the 2023 to 2024 academic year should either start the NASENCO before September 2024 or enrol on an NPQ course starting no later than Spring 2025.

For further details about the NPQ for SENCOs, see:

Mandatory qualification for SENCOs - GOV.UK (

Smeeta Modasia

SEN Advisor