North London Waste Authority - RPP workshop

For the School Business Manager & Site Manager/ Team in all Schools


Can your school host a Reusable Period Product Workshop? 

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is looking for venues to host Reusable Period Product workshops. Hosting a workshop at your school is a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to helping your female pupils and to tackle the climate emergency. 


NLWA has partnered with Women’s Environmental Network (Wen) to deliver a series of workshops to parents/carers of young people who are about to start menstruating or who already have.  


The workshops will raise awareness of the cost, waste and carbon savings of reusable period products, offer demonstrations of the products on the market, and be a safe space to answer any questions. Those who attend can take advantage of exclusive discounts for reusable products. 


For more info and to register your interest in having a workshop at your school (primary and secondary welcomed), please contact NLWA at  

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*Source: Environmenstrual - Wen