Virtual School October 2023

For all Schools & Phases, Headteachers, LAC & PLAC Designated Teachers & Designated Safeguarding Leads

Please find attached documents outlining PEP procedures for the new academic year. The PEP deadline this term is Friday 1st December 2023. Please contact Enfield Virtual School if you have any queries regarding PEPs.
Designated Teacher For LAC & PLAC Training
The Designated Teacher for LAC and PLAC training takes place once every two years and DT’s from all Enfield Schools are expected to attend to remain up to date with developments. The training will take place on Tuesday 28th November 2023 from 9:15 – 3:30 and is free of charge! Please contact Jane Manning or 0204 5267039 to reserve your space (see below for details)
SLCN Screen of Enfield LAC
Enfield Virtual School expects all Enfield LAC to be screened by schools for Speech Language and Communication Needs using the Progression Tool (we have found that other screening tools frequently miss the more subtle SLCN of LAC). Many schools were contacted last academic year regarding the SLCN screening of Enfield LAC. Schools will be contacted again shortly to collect the results of those SLCN screens not already returned. New in care LAC will also need to be screened using the Progression Tools to support us with identifying any SLCN at the earliest opportunity. Please return any completed SLCN screens for Enfield LAC to or 0204 5267039. Please see attached SLCN for LAC flowchart which outlines what schools need to do.
Pupil Perception Survey
Enfield Virtual School have paid for all Enfield Schools to have free access to ANSPEAR’s Pupil Perceptions survey. Schools can undertake the survey with all or some of the children at your school and the survey will provide you with “in-depth reports and analysis about the wellbeing and 'readiness for learning' of all your pupils broken down by year group, gender, ethnicity, religion and mode of transport [etc]to really be able to detect patterns … ,offer very specific support” and demonstrate the impact of your schools’ interventions. This is a really useful tool to support schools with developing your pupil voice and measuring your pupils school experience.
Results regarding Enfield LAC, CiN & CP will be shared with Enfield Virtual School to support us to monitor the wellbeing of our vulnerable young people in school and tailor our support to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our school community. Please see below exemplar reports for schools and attached information which outlines how to sign up.

Free training resources for DT’s and DSL’s
Enfield Virtual School have released the Enfield VS app for new and experienced Designated Teachers and Safeguarding Leads, a powerful tool to help support you in your complex roles working with children. Enfield VS app gives you direct mobile and offline access to instant guidance designed for professionals with heavy workloads! You can complete the courses at your own pace and receive certificates upon completing each mobile guide/course. We have identified key training priorities which we encourage you to explore or review:
• Attachment
• Trauma and ACEs
• For new teachers: Designated Teachers and Effective DSL
• Specialised conditions affecting leaning (see the course Learning Needs)
Please see attached poster which details how to sign up.
Previously Looked After Education Officer
Jane Manning is Enfield’s PLAC Education Officer who provides advice and guidance to schools families and professionals regarding the education of previously looked after children. Please feel free to contact her at or 0204 5267039. Jane has developed some information leaflets for professionals and families regarding advice and support available for previously looked after children please feel free to share them with professionals and families. We have also attached a flowchart to help guide you towards appropriate support for PLAC.
PLAC Education Coffee morning for Special Guardian’s & Adoptive parents
Our first SG coffee morning for the academic year took place on the 4th October. The session was well attended and families found it very helpful. The Coffee Morning for adoptive parents will be taking place on Wednesday 18th October at West Lea School from 10am – 11:30. Please see attached poster for details and feel free to share with families and within newsletters so that families can attend.
PP+ for Previously Looked After Children
The PP+ for Previously Looked After Children has been increased to £2530 per year which is paid directly to schools. Those PLAC who have left care with an Adoption Order (AO), Special
Guardianship Order (SGO) or and Child Arrangement Order (CAO) in England or Wales should have been registered as such on your schools MIS system in time for the October census to enable your school to claim the funding. Please continue to encourage carers to make themselves known to you to enable you to claim the PP+. Please remember that the pupil premium plus for PLAC is only to be spent on meeting the needs of PLAC within your school and that it recommended that you consult with families regarding how it is being used. Please contact Jane Manning with any queries or 0204 5267039.
• LAC - Should you be concerned that an Enfield LAC is at risk of suspension or permanent exclusion please contact Enfield Virtual School to discuss your concerns. Both the Social Worker and the Virtual School must be contacted immediately regarding the suspension or permanent exclusion of any Enfield LAC. Please contact the Virtual School Headteacher Mrs Suzanne Rowson if you are concerned that an Enfield LAC is at risk of suspension or exclusion.
• PLAC – Should you be concerned that a Previously Looked After child is at risk of suspension or permanent exclusion please engage with the child’s parents, the Designated Teacher and please contact the PLAC Education Officer for advice and guidance or 0204 5267039
• Children with a Social Worker “Where a pupil has a social worker, e.g., because they are the subject of a Child in Need Plan or a Child Protection Plan, and they are at risk of suspension or permanent exclusion, the headteacher should inform their social worker, the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and the pupil’s parents to involve them all as early as possible in relevant conversations” (Paragraph 58, Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions Guidance). If you are concerned that child with and Enfield CP plan is at risk of Permanent Exclusions please feel free to contact Malaika Williams Virtual School Assistant Head for Vulnerable children for advice and guidance 0208 132 1657
PAC UK Education Advice Line
PAC UK’s London Education Advice Line is open every Thursday during school term times between 12pm and 2pm (limited to 15 minutes per call). Staffed by PAC UK’s Education Advisers, this is an opportunity for adoptive parents, special guardians, school staff and social workers to talk through any school or educational concerns regarding adopted or special guardianship children, and receive advice and support.
The telephone number is 0207 284 5879. You can also access support and advice by emailing