Safeguarding Briefing - 18th September 2023


Supervision Courses for School Leaders - Education Support   

The month is September, as interesting and challenging as this first month back as been for children many of you will be going through the same emotions as your pupils. Some of you will have come into a new position. Promotions come with increased responsibilities and the pressure to impress and get things right. The organization Education Support is there to help you achieve your objectives in this regard. Their supervision course, grants a safe and confidential space to talk about and process this next stage in your career. Designed for headteachers, deputy heads, assisstant heads, and CEOs the six session course, has resulted in a 95% of participants feeling less anxious. If this interests you, please follow the link to find out more:

New Film Highlighting Child Exploitation - NSCP

One of our main focuses at Success in Schools Ltd. is in the area of aiding to prevent child exploitation. It features heavily in our publications and in the briefing. This week Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) has released a short film aimed at raising awareness of child criminal exploitation. Frequently executed through the intentional grooming of children for sexual or criminal purposes, the issue is of increasing concern across the UK. No doubt aided by the constantly evolving technological landscape. This film is both highly impactful and filled with information on how to better spot, children involved in these situations. Please follow the link below to find out more:

Data Breach Guidance - National Cyber Security Centre

Data breaches are becoming an exponentially greater risk to schools and families alike. It is no secret that there has been a monumental shift over the past twenty years, in the degree to which we live our lives online. Finances, friendships, sensitive information and even judicial functions now all depend on the internet to function. Data breeches today can compromise your and your institution's security. The UK National Cyber Security Centre, has published guidance on how to mitigate the effects of data breeches on your lives. Please follow the link below to find out more:

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Safeguarding Tools - City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership

It is hard to overestimate the importance of online tools and resources in the arena of child protection. The City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership (CYSCP) has released a host of these online assets, designed to help you secure your pupils. The resources cover neglect, child exploitation, pupil harmful sexual behaviour, domestic abuse and more. These tools are well worth a look at and if you're interested, please follow the link below:

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Campaign - IWF

In 2022, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) recorded 199,363 cases of self-generated explicit images. This was a 6% rise from 2021. It is likely that this will increase, as a proliferation in social media apps and websites, alongside the increasing sophistication in telephonic cameras is making underage individuals more vulnerable than ever to deception and grooming. The foundation has unveiled a campaign backed by the UK government and tech partners such as Microsoft, TikTok and Snapchat aims to raise awareness about the dangers of self-generated imagery. To find out more please follow the link below:

Forthcoming Courses

 Advanced Safeguarding for DSLs

This is a four-session course for DSLs over a full-day. The course is offered live and as a recorded replay. When the course is live, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute with observations, questions or answers. As a recording, the interactions from other people are included and feedback notes that this makes it feel like you are not on your own.

"I came to a session in Birmingham back in 2019 (the day after the GE I think) and it was superb. Today [online] was just as good, if not better. The use of video mixed with live speaking was excellent and goes way beyond what other safeguarding courses provide. You've been there and done it, and your openness with your own story is inspirational." 

LIVE ON LOCATION remember that you can book Andrew to visit your school, cluster or MAT to share his DSL course. Please contact us for details and bookings.

Next Advanced Safeguarding for DSLs Course (Online) Thursday 5th October 2023, 10am - 4pm Book Online

The on-demand course is always available and has been updated for September 2023 Book Online

Whole School Safeguarding CPD Online Session for 2022/2023

In this two and half hour online presentation aimed at staff in all roles, specialist safeguarding consultant, Andrew Hall, explores important aspects of safeguarding in schools including child protection, learning from case studies and the latest version of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

"In my excitement, I forgot to add our star rating to the Safeguarding training we have just watched. If we could, we would give it 10 stars! That was the best Safeguarding training we have ever had, thank you so much. Feedback from staff has, so far, been overwhelmingly positive…I can't thank you enough."

"I would like to extend my thanks to Andrew for his fantastic online training. It was filmed so well - almost as if he were here with us! We were kept engaged throughout and felt so well informed - a huge thank you. It was a real success, and we look forward to booking you again in the future - with the staff team saying it was the best safeguarding training they have ever had. We really appreciated Andrew's real-life storytelling and the way such sensitive information was shared - it was excellent training."

Watch extracts from last year's presentation here:

You can book your online session here:

Until next week, keep safe. 

Andrew Hall
Specialist Safeguarding Consultant,
Director, Success In Schools Ltd.