The Vision

Enfield Education

By working collaboratively, we want to:

  • Raise attainment across all key stages to above the London average
  • Address and reduce inequalities across education to ensure equality of outcomes
  • Form partnership working with all stakeholders to be key to the work and success of the Enfield Education Service
  • Ensure all Enfield schools are judged by Ofsted to be at least Good
  • Effectively meet the needs of pupils with special needs, including mental health needs
  • Allow for effective pupil place planning

The visions and values of Enfield Education are commonly entwined with those of the London Borough of Enfield Council’s values. Our symmetry to these is clear as we strive to achieve and meet the expectations of all our residents:

  • We Take Responsibility
  • We are Open, Honest and Respectful
  • We Listen and Learn
  • We Work Together to Find Solutions

The roadmap to success to benefit our children in Enfield is very clear with these four steps:

1.Our children will be at the very heart of all decisions taken by the Education Service

2.We will encourage high quality pre-school, nursery and early learning across the Borough

3.All children will receive a high-quality education and be given the tools to achieve to the best of their ability

4.All children will be supported to become good citizens, able to contribute and become full members of society

Enfield Education wants to work closely with you to achieve our common goals. We will support you throughout by providing high-quality services to benefit our children with the best quality education tools available to us.