Asbestos Service

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This service is statutory for Community Schools in Enfield

The specialist Asbestos Team can provide a comprehensive asbestos management package. This includes the following services, delivered by competent and fully qualified asbestos professionals:

  • Asbestos surveys and regular re-inspections including unlimited sampling and analysis.

  • Emergency response to any incidents and concerns.

  • Unlimited advisory service and consultancy service, face-to-face, online and by telephone. This includes advice on carrying out work in the school and managing asbestos remediation e.g. asbestos removal.

  • Use of, and access to the Council’s Asbestos Management System (a system that allows online access to surveys and the asbestos register).

  • Production and review of the Asbestos Management Plan. Following an asbestos survey, this sets out in writing how asbestos is managed in your school. This is a legal requirement.

  • Monitoring/review service including an Asbestos Action Plan. This uses a risk-based approach to managing asbestos and prioritising remedial actions for your school.

  • Asbestos awareness training for key site staff and trustees or school governors.

  • Bespoke Asbestos Policies – these tie in with the Asbestos Management Plan.

The legal responsibility for the safe management of asbestos lies with the ‘duty holder’. This is the person or body responsible for maintenance and/or repair of the school – typically the employer. For academies, free schools, voluntary-aided and foundation schools, it will be the school governors or the trust. For independent schools, it may be the proprietor, governors or trustees.

You should ensure that you have suitable and sufficient procedures in place to manage asbestos in your premises. If you choose to use our service, you will have access to competent advice and our asbestos surveying and analytical services. We will help to ensure your asbestos management survey and management plan are up to date and that the required regular inspections and monitoring are in place.

Cost of the service varies from site to site and may require a pre-survey visit to provide an estimate. Please click for a quote below for the service to contact you.

A 10% discount will be applied to those schools who purchase both the Asbestos and Health and Safety SLAs.

This service is statutory for Community Schools in Enfield