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Fern House School

DfES Est No:308 7001

Classification:Academy And Free School

School type:Primary

Address:Keswick Drive, Enfield

Postcode:EN3 6NY

School phone number:01992 761229

School email:office@fernhouseschool.org

Head teacher:Sarah Turner(ExecutiveHeadTeacher)

Durants Special School

DfES Est No:308 7000


School type:Special

Address:4 Pitfield Way, Enfield, Enfield

Postcode:EN3 5BY

School phone number:020 8804 1980

School email:office2@durants.enfield.sch.uk

Head teacher:Rachel Carli

Oaktree Special School

DfES Est No:308 7005


School type:Special

Address:Chase Side, Southgate, Enfield

Postcode:N14 4HN

School phone number:020 8440 3100

School email:info@oaktree.enfield.sch.uk

Head teacher:RUSSELL DAVEY

Russet House Special School

DfES Est No:308 7008


School type:Special

Address:Autumn Close, Enfield, Enfield

Postcode:EN1 4JA

School phone number:020 8350 0650

School email:office@russethouse.enfield.sch.uk

Head teacher:Gilly Taylor

Waverley Special School

DfES Est No:308 7007


School type:Special

Address:105 The Ride, Enfield,, Enfield

Postcode:EN2 7DL

School phone number:020 8805 1858

School email:info@waverley-school.com

Head teacher:Gail Weir

West Lea Special School

DfES Est No:308 7002


School type:Special

Address:Haselbury Road, London, Enfield

Postcode:N9 9TU

School phone number:020 8807 2656

School email:office@westleaschool.co.uk

School website:

Head teacher:Susan Tripp


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