Crisis in the Ukraine - how to talk to children about it

FAO: All Schools / All Phases - Heads, mental health leads, PHSE leads

We are sure that some children will have seen the news and that there are some concerns around what is happening between Russian and Ukraine. Here are some ideas on how to address children’s concerns.

Firstly reassure children that they are safe and that what is happening is not in our country – perhaps showing them on a map or globe, so they can grasp the distance. Next explain that what they may see on social media, won’t all be accurate and suggest that they watch the news, e.g. CBBC Newsround – watch any videos before haring to ensure appropriate for your children. Be factual in what you are telling them. Finally talk to your children about what to do if they are upset by what happens in the news and let them know it is normal to have concerns. It is important to listen to children’s comments and questions and respond in an appropriate and supportive way.

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