Elections Staffing and Recruitment for 6th Form Students

Are you keen to earn some extra money?! Have you ever thought of getting involved at election time by working at the count?

Verification & Count Assistants:

Verification & Count Assistants are employed to verify and count the votes cast at polling stations, together with the postal votes received in the run-up to polling day. Hours vary  depending on the type of election. Please note this role for the 5th May Local Borough Election will involve working during the night.

Fees for Electoral Duties:

All election fees are extremely well paid fees and which vary dependent on the type of election. All election staff payments will be paid by BACs straight into your bank account.

How to apply:

New applicants will need to complete the Elections Staffing Application form. Please email electionstaff@enfield.gov.uk to request a form and begin the process of joining the Electoral Services Staffing Database!