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Good afternoon,

I just wanted to raise some awareness over a problematic app that has recently had some media attention. The app “YUBO” formally known as “Yellow” is being touted as a dating app for under 18s referred to as “Tinder for Teens”. I am sure that prospect alone raises some alarm bells and some of the most worrying features of the app are that it heavily promotes live streaming as the primary chat method, allows chat groups to be set up with no filter on content or topics along with features very akin to apps like “Tinder” such as swiping left/right on profiles for people in your area.

There have been reports of sexual offences after meetings arranged through this app and The Times did an article about the appalling content young people can be exposed to using it, along with other media outlets such as The Sun and New York Post.

Certainly an app to be aware of, especially if parents or guardians are unaware of what it does or is used for.

Below is the app logo should you see it.


Robert Rowlands

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