School Climate Action Network 17th March 2022

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The Enfield school climate action network has been meeting termly since March 2021. The network is an opportunity for teachers, business managers, senior leaders and governors to share their experiences and explore new ideas for taking climate action in their school.

Our next network event is taking place 3.30 – 5pm on Thursday 17th March. This will be a virtual event on Teams.

The theme for the event this term is nature. We’ll be discussing the woodland creation project in the north of Enfield with charity Thames21; and how over 1500 children got involved in the project this year from 13 of our schools. We’ll also hear about how flood mitigation on school sites is an opportunity to positively impact on children and young people’s learning, health and wellbeing. We will share ideas on future activities to respond to climate change and support children and young people to spend more time in nature.

Book your place at the event on 17th March on the Enfield Professional Learning Portal

If you would be interested in presenting to colleagues on the network about your school’s climate action, please get in touch with us at

Harriet Potemkin

Head of Strategy and Policy