Can you help us improve our approach to tackling child neglect in Enfield?

Designated Safeguarding Leads, Heads of Pastoral, Chair of Governors, Headteachers, PTA Chairs

We would like to hear your views on our draft Tackling Child Neglect Strategy 2022-25.

The draft strategy outlines how we will increase our local understanding of the prevalence of neglect and improve the identification of, and response to neglect. This strategy will enhance the way in which, needs and risks are understood, recognised and responded to at all stages of a child’s life at the earliest opportunity.

The draft strategy includes 3 priorities:

  1. Increase awareness and knowledge
  • All partners, including the community, have a shared understanding of neglect, signs of neglect, and what must be done to proactively prevent neglect and its impact on children.
  1. Improve recognition and early intervention
  • Children at risk of neglect are identified and supported mainly by universal and early help services.
  1. Improve how professionals respond to neglect and monitor long-term outcomes for children and young people
  • There is a shared response that is understood and applied by professionals across the partnership when responding to neglect and intervening to bring about positive change in families and improved outcomes for children.

As safeguarding professionals, we welcome your thoughts and feedback on this draft strategy.

Please tell us your views by completing our questionnaire, before 21st February 2022.


Lucy Nasby

Strategy and Policy Manager