Every Copy Counts


Schools Printed Music Licence

Every Copy Counts is a new campaign to raise awareness of the Schools Printed Music Licence. All state-funded schools and academies in England have a Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) that is funded by the DfE. This licence allows teachers to legally copy and arrange music for their pupils. Many school leaders, teachers and educationalists are unaware of this, and many teachers believe that photocopying music in schools is illegal when it isn’t.

Under the terms of the SPML, schools have to submit data on what they are copying/arranging at least once per academic year. This helps to ensure that the right music creators are paid for the music being copied.
The Every Copy Counts campaign has been designed to help and support teachers to understand the benefits of the licence, to get into a regular habit of submitting data on the music they are copying and arranging, and in return, have access to a breadth of free resources. See this flyer for more details.

Cheryl Headon

Head of Schools Traded Services