TT Education - Book of Vaccinations 2022

FAO: Headteachers in schools with a year 5 cohort, Science leads, DSL

As mentioned at the Headteacher briefings and the DSL network LBE has commissioned some work to support schools about teaching the science of vaccinations.  In the attached booklet, you will find a series of lessons that support you in navigating the complex and emotive topic of vaccinations. These lessons will help children understand what vaccines are, how they work, and how to find information about them from reputable and sensible sources.

Each school can have one teacher given access to a recorded training session .  This will be available shortly.  Please send your nominated teacher’s name and email address to  with a subject line of “year 5 vaccination work” by the noon on the 3rd April.

Lucy Nutt

Head of SEYIS