Walk & Talk initiative in Enfield in line with Mets Violence against women and girls action plan

FAO: All Schools / All Phases

As the lead for ‘Walk and Talk’ on NA BCU I am pleased to share with you an initiative that has been launched in Enfield and Haringey on the 8th March to deliver on the Mets Violence against women and girls action plan.

The ‘Walk and Talk’ initiative was piloted in Southwark BCU and due to its success it is now being rolled out MET wide.

The focus is building trust and confidence with women and girls creating a ‘safe space’ inviting women and girls to share what they think needs to change and how they feel we can improve safety in Enfield.

How it works?....

The Walk and Talk initiative involves female officers buddying up with women from Enfield communities to secure a 20 min slot via Eventbrite to go out on patrol in ‘open spaces’ so  we can hear first-hand women’s experiences, concerns and reflections.

The aim of the walkabout is to start a conversation between the public and officers about their safety concerns and what police can do, working with partners and charities to address them.

I have attached the link where interest can be registered. An officer will contact women to arrange a time and date that suits.


Inspector Jas Kaur

Policing schools Lead for all schools in North Area BCU (Haringey and Enfield) –

Violence against women and girls (VAWAG) Safer Neighbourhoods engagement lead

Co-chair for Unity