Welfare Call & Children with a Child Protection plan

FAO: All school types, Headteachers & DSL’s

Please share this communication with your School DSL, IT/Network Manager and Office Managers.

In September 2021 the role of the Virtual School was extended to include supporting the improved educational outcomes of children who have had a Social Worker.  As part of Enfield Virtual School’s response to the increased duties, Enfield Social Care have commissioned Welfare Call to collect attendance data for Enfield Children with a Child Protection Plan to support increased attendance and exclusion monitoring of this group.

I’m sure that you are aware that Enfield Virtual School already use Welfare Call to collect information regarding PEP’s, attendance and exclusions for Looked After Children.  Rather that increasing the use of first day calling, Welfare Call can now collect the attendance information for Children with a Child Protection Plan via a secure data extraction using WONDE, which is currently already being used in 80% of schools (usually in relation to FSM).

Those schools with an Enfield child with a Child Protection Plan will be contacted shortly by Welfare Call with further information regarding WONDE and the data extraction.  Please ensure that the relevant members of staff within your school (DSL, IT/Network Manager and Office Manager) are forwarded this information.

You may also be contacted by the Virtual School to confirm certain information regarding individual children with a Child Protection Plan (i.e UPN’s, SEN status, etc) please ensure that the relevant administrative staff are aware that they may be requested to provide this information to enable the secure transfer of data.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any queries

Malaika Williams
Virtual School Assistant Head for vulnerable children